July 01, 2011

The New Docking Station Galaxy is Online!

After many months of inactivity, I've decided to revive Docking Station Galaxy - in blog format! Thanks to Blogger's features, I am now able to update far more frequently than on the somewhat crappy website editor Webs.com provides.

Here's  the link to Docking Station Galaxy's Facebook fan page.
Here's  the link to follow Docking Station Galaxy on Twitter.


  1. Good to hear your back!

    If you want I could host the Pink Stawberry Norns. You'd still be able to post a direct download link here.

  2. Hey C-Rex. I didn't hear of your previous incarnation of Docking Station Galaxy, but I'm always interested in reading others Creatures adventures.

    If you're interested I keep my own Creatures blog over at: www.thecreaturearch.blogspot.com

    Would love to see you over there some time. Best of luck with the new blog format ;)