July 03, 2011

Feral Run Ideas?

To celebrate the new Docking Station Galaxy website, I have been having thoughts of hosting a feral run in it's honour. If  you you have any ideas, please comment below.

  • I will only be using official breeds for my Feral Run
  • The only unofficial metaroom I will be using is The Norngarden
  • Participants are welcome to send in their own Norns to compete, as long as they are babies.
  • Grendels and Ettins are not allowed to enter.
  • I will not use the warp to accept Norns. You must send them by e-mail instead
Currently, I haven't decided the running dates for the Feral run. Please stay tuned for more info!


  1. This sounds very exciting! Makes me want to get Creatures 3 and Docking Station set up again soon! Feral runs have always been interesting to me, although I just can't seem to let nature take its normal course. I plan on engaging in at least one wolfing run in the near future: Probably in C2 or C3/DS. I'll be checking back to see what your plans are! Good luck!

  2. I can't guarentee I'll have any interesting or unique Norns to throw at you, but I'm always interesting in these kinds of experiments.

    If you're not after any special kinds of Norns I'd be more than happy to donate one or two though.