C3/DS Downloads

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Genetic Breeds

Pink Strawberry Norns

These Norns scare very easily and are generally very timid, but if you're nice to them, maybe they'll take a liking to you. They also change colour as they grow up, from dark green to their trademark pink and green colouration!

Note: You can download an updated CFE version of this genome here. This is only a genome file, so make sure you have the original version already installed in your game!

Big Fat Norns

Big Fat Norns have a much bigger appetite than regular Norns and may deplete your other Norn’s food resources if they are allowed to multiply. They will also become hungry if they are bored, so make sure you keep your BFNs occupied with toys.

Created for the CCSF 2011, the Salamander Norns are strictly carnivorous, and plants and fruits have no nutritional value to them whatsoever. You should feed your Salamander Norns bugs, critters, food (e.g. cheese) and detritus.
Note: The version hosted at the CCSF 2011 website is unlayable by Muco. Thanks goes to Malkin for fixing this in the new version.


Furby (C3/DS)

The Furby provides a lot of entertainment for your bored creatures, and is great company for lonely Norns. It will also speak one of five phrases when pushed. Thanks to Horstj for helping me to compile this agent.


Grazer Sound Fix (DS Docked)

Fixes the Grazers so that they no longer make that odd beeping noise when panicked whilst being used in a docked world.