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Genetic Breeds

Albian Ant Norns

A highly social breed, Albian Ant Norns enjoy living in large groups. Ant Norns normally only live for around an hour but have unusual breeding habits; the lifespan of males decreases whenever they mate, but in females it increases. Female Ant Norns who have mated and laid the most eggs are referred to as "queens" and will usually outlive the expected life expectancy. Albian Ant Norns also have a strong immune system and can digest most plant poisons. Many thanks go to kezune for testing them for me.

S&M Norns

S&M Norns are not your average genetic breed; whenever they are slapped, fall or even wall-bonk, they'll receive a healthy dose of sex drive in addition to a substantial amount of pain. They also take great pleasure in slapping each otherwhich also increases their sex drive. 

Hip-Hop Grendels

These colourful Grendels are much more social than regular Grendels, and will even dance when in the company of each other! They also use a modified version of Lis Morris' Boney Grendel genome.